4 Lessons For 4 Years Of Marriage

I’ve known my husband for 13 years and we’ve been married for 4 years. You might think that’s a long time of getting to know each other but the truth is, we are still learning. Marriage is a lifelong journey of studying your spouse. It’s a lifetime of understanding, forgiving, submitting, yet above all it’sContinue reading “4 Lessons For 4 Years Of Marriage”

The Virtuous Woman: Do You Know Her Name? 

Recently, I have been thinking about the woman in Proverbs 31, commonly known as the virtuous woman. We know her acts of kindness in her home, we know about how she speaks (v. 26) and how she works (v. 27), how she demonstrates her love for her husband and children. But, never did we learnContinue reading “The Virtuous Woman: Do You Know Her Name? “

Happy 2016 to all!

I know it’s already the end of January but happy new year to all! I’ve been busy with a lot of new responsibilities lately and I couldn’t get my rhythm right until now. Hence, the inconsistent time of posting in my blog. But, that’s okay! Priorities are priorities and this year brought a new oneContinue reading “Happy 2016 to all!”

A Wonderful Example of Prayer for Your Beloved Husband

I have been reading “Beautiful in God’s Eyes” by my all-time favorite author, Elizabeth George. Every chapter is a wake up call for me to live according to what pleases God that I may be able to : (1) Bring glory to God (2) Bring honor to my husband (3) Be a light to myContinue reading “A Wonderful Example of Prayer for Your Beloved Husband”