Goals over Resolutions

I’m pretty sure the thought of having a new year’s resolution came across your mind this January. We’re all excited for a fresh start, ready to begin day 1. But for some of us, new year’s resolution only lasts the first few months or even weeks. I am not an exception to that, I haveContinue reading “Goals over Resolutions”

Moving On To The Next Year Yet Still Grateful For The Past

I’m pretty sure we are all excited for the new year. We have plans tonight to celebrate New Year’s Eve and a set of goals we want to achieve for the next year. Moving on to the next year… Day 1 starts tomorrow for most of us as we try to change and improve someContinue reading “Moving On To The Next Year Yet Still Grateful For The Past”

Focus 2017: Know God

Every new year, some people make a list of resolutions; a list of to-do’s, to-change, to improve. We do this all to become better, to make life more meaningful, to find our purpose. There’s nothing wrong with “new year’s resolutions” but I thought I’d dig in more deeply this year. I thought to myself, If IContinue reading “Focus 2017: Know God”

Vision 2014

Where there is no vision, the people perish: Proverbs 29:18 There’s this thing about new year that makes people want to consider┬áchange. We could see posts from numerous people ┬áthat “this year, I am going to..” or “on 2014, I’ll change this and that…” Maybe it’s because of the fact that January 1 marks theContinue reading “Vision 2014”