Am I Qualified To Start A Discipleship Ministry?

One of the many reasons or excuses that I've heard from Christians on why they don't have a discipleship ministry or why they're afraid to start one is this, "I AM NOT QUALIFIED TO DO IT!" I also thought about that as soon as our professor in Evangelism and Discipleship told us to look for... Continue Reading →

Patience, I need you!

I want you to close your eyes and think of someone, it could be more than one, that annoys you. Maybe, it's the ways she speaks, the way she acts, the way she dresses, the way she responds to your rebuke and corrections, maybe she's a bully or it is simply her attitude. Now, do... Continue Reading →

So, have you heard the news?

We're engaged! It was an answered prayer and for the sake of those who doesn't know us quite well, we were waiting for this for three years (or maybe 4, I lost count) Truly the Lord's wisdom is incomprehensible, He reveals His answer to our prayers in the right time, and the right time means... Continue Reading →

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