Thank God For The Things You Have And Lack

Adam and Eve was our Bible story the other night and it is just amazing how God can teach us timely lessons using stories that we have known and heard several times before. You know the story, right? God created Adam and Eve and were placed in the garden of Eden, filled with everything thatContinue reading “Thank God For The Things You Have And Lack”

Life Is Too Short To Hold On To Anger

Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Ephesians 4:26 How many times do we choose stay mad at someone for a long time? How did it affect you? Did it do you any good? Holding on to anger… will not only affect your relationships (yes with ‘s’Continue reading “Life Is Too Short To Hold On To Anger”

The Sin of “That’s Just The Way I Am” Attitude

There’s a saying that goes, “Where there are people, there are problems” , that is true because we differ in so many aspects. We have different personalities, different cultures, different priorities, different beliefs, different upbringings, and more. I also heard someone say that if you’re looking for a church that doesn’t have any conflicts, youContinue reading “The Sin of “That’s Just The Way I Am” Attitude”