How Important Is A Discipleship Ministry?

Several years ago, when I took up a 1-year course at Bob Jones Memorial Bible College, I learned about discipleship and its importance. It was included in the Evangelism subject that I took. I must admit, I have almost zero knowledge about the discipleship ministry. I always thought that our involvement in the great commissionContinue reading “How Important Is A Discipleship Ministry?”

Gleaning Gold From Godly Women

When Paul urged the older women to be “teachers of good things” to the younger women on Titus 2, I’m pretty sure Paul wasn’t talking about a one-way relationship. There should be a desire both to teach and to learn. As much as there should be initiative in the side of the older women toContinue reading “Gleaning Gold From Godly Women”

The Virtuous Woman: Do You Know Her Name? 

Recently, I have been thinking about the woman in Proverbs 31, commonly known as the virtuous woman. We know her acts of kindness in her home, we know about how she speaks (v. 26) and how she works (v. 27), how she demonstrates her love for her husband and children. But, never did we learnContinue reading “The Virtuous Woman: Do You Know Her Name? “

Far Above Rubies: Why aren’t All Women Like Her? (Part 3)

Now to the questions, “why is she hard to find?” and “why are not all women like her?” If the Virtuous woman is a role model for every woman then why is she hard to find in today’s world? Why aren’t all women like her? The answer is simple: God has a specific and specialContinue reading “Far Above Rubies: Why aren’t All Women Like Her? (Part 3)”

Far Above Rubies: Tackling Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Strength (Part 2)

The virtuous woman is a great role model for all women, not just wives and mothers. Click here for part 1:  (click here) We’ve also learned about the definition of virtuous. Here’s a recap: Having high moral standards, Being good Pure Ethical Upright Exemplary High-minded Principled Who’s talking to whom in the context of ProverbsContinue reading “Far Above Rubies: Tackling Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Strength (Part 2)”

Far Above Rubies (Part 1)

* As part of my yearly goals, I read and meditate on a good book every month or two and I would like to do a series of my own thoughts and meditations from it.   TITLE: Beautiful in God’s Eyes: The Treasures of the Proverbs 31 Woman AUTHOR: Elizabeth George NUMBER OF PAGES: 264   GrowingContinue reading “Far Above Rubies (Part 1)”

Single and Content: There’s a Lot To Do Than Chasing Prince Charming

Are you currently in love? Have you met prince charming but he doesn’t seem to notice you? Women nowadays seem to have so many issues and struggles about love and relationships which may also be a result of the many telenovelas and TV shows today. But as Christians, our decisions, our actions, our way ofContinue reading “Single and Content: There’s a Lot To Do Than Chasing Prince Charming”

A Wonderful Example of Prayer for Your Beloved Husband

I have been reading “Beautiful in God’s Eyes” by my all-time favorite author, Elizabeth George. Every chapter is a wake up call for me to live according to what pleases God that I may be able to : (1) Bring glory to God (2) Bring honor to my husband (3) Be a light to myContinue reading “A Wonderful Example of Prayer for Your Beloved Husband”

Elisabeth Elliot: Her Life, Her Legacy

Elisabeth Elliot (1926-2015) One of my favorite authors and missionaries went to be with the Lord last Monday, June 15, 2015. As much as I am grieving for the loss of a great example, her death reminded me of the life she lived and the legacy she left behind. I got this brief description ofContinue reading “Elisabeth Elliot: Her Life, Her Legacy”