Goals over Resolutions

I’m pretty sure the thought of having a new year’s resolution came across your mind this January. We’re all excited for a fresh start, ready to begin day 1. But for some of us, new year’s resolution only lasts the first few months or even weeks. I am not an exception to that, I have even blogged a couple of times about my year’s resolutions the past years but sadly, not everything in my list was ticked off. This is why I researched last December on how I can manage my resolutions better and this is what I learned:

Resolution without goal setting is pointless.

Resolution refers to a firm decision to do or not do something while goal is an aim at results. You see, it should go together. As you list down your resolutions for the year, back it up with action plans. I have attached the goal setting worksheet that I made and used, praying that it will help you map out your goals for the year too.

Our family’s goal setting for 2020


As you can see, I’ve included a “main focus for the year” section. I did this because it helps us to list down the goals we have on each aspect of our life if we know our main goal, our main prayer for the year. For example, ours is discipleship, so every goal we have points to that theme. One of our family goals is to establish family devotions before bedtime and have a memory verse weekly. One of our ministry goals is to start a Bible club in our neighborhood and plan out dates with young couples we know to encourage them. Get my point?


I have also learned to put realistic goals. I know how frustrating it can be to not lose 10 kilos a month so it is best to put in a goal that you think is within your reach. 1 or 2 kilos maybe? Put it in your month goal, then use your weekly goal sheet to put in action plan to reach that goal. Plan out grocery day, exercise, join a fitness challenge, etc.

Also, don’t compare goals with others. This is the purpose of goal setting, you write your own because every person has different strengths and room for improvements. Maybe someone you know has a goal to study again this year and even if you badly want that goal too, your current situation won’t allow it, maybe you have smaller kids or your budget for the year is allocated in something else.

It always amazes me to think that God deals with us individually. He teaches each one of us in a way that we specifically need. Life is not a race and it’s not a competition. Life is not about who gets more praise or who gets more goals achieved. At the end of the day, we only have One to give glory to, and it is God.


I know it’s exciting to have many checked boxes next to the goals you have achieved but the purpose of goal setting is not to tick off as many boxes as you can, the measurement for success is not how fast and how many goals you finished but it is in how much you have grown throughout the year.

Character is what we’re after for more than temporal success over mundane things. If over the year, you have grown to be more patient, more loving, more diligent in your responsibilities, even if you haven’t learned a new skill or have not finished your savings challenge, you are a winner!

Aim to prioritize your spiritual nourishment, spend quiet time with the Lord (even if you’re a busy mom). This is one precious way to grow! Join a group of believers who are reading through the Bible this year. Read the Bible together with your family.

It doesn’t matter what you have achieved at the end of the year if you remain spiritually starved. Write down goals that will matter in light of eternity.

…for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7b


Redirections, oh how I love it! Well, not really. Redirections mean going off the carefully mapped plan that you diligently put your time and effort in finishing. For example, one of your goals this year is to enroll your child in a particular school but then financial problems arise and turns out you can’t afford it. Maybe, one of your goals is to lose weight, then suddenly you found out you’re pregnant! Or, your goal is to spend more time with family and then out of the blue, one of your loved one passes away. Redirections! It catches you off guard. How I wish we have PLAN A-Z for every goal we have but we don’t and we can’t control it.

I, for one, gets easily upset over change of plans, but even during redirections, God is still teaching me something. Patience is one, I learn to trust more and worry less, God teaches me that peace comes not in a perfectly orchestrated plan but in His presence.

Pro 16:9 KJV A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

We plan but we trust God throughout the course of the year and through redirections. There will be trials for sure, heartaches, lost opportunities, there will always be circumstances that will try to rob you peace and joy and contentment but TRUST GOD. He knows. HE DIRECTS OUR STEPS.

May this year be a fruitful year for you! May God finds you yearning for Him, to know Him, to worship Him, to love Him more this year.


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