Thank God For The Things You Have And Lack

Adam and Eve was our Bible story the other night and it is just amazing how God can teach us timely lessons using stories that we have known and heard several times before.

You know the story, right? God created Adam and Eve and were placed in the garden of Eden, filled with everything that they need. God told them that they can eat of any fruit in the garden EXCEPT for one tree– if they eat it, they will die. Eve was deceived by the serpent, disobeyed God. Eve then told Adam to take a bite and he, too, disobeyed God. After that they were punished and were banned from the garden of Eden, thus they committed the first sin and became the reason why we are all born sinners, and will meet death someday. But, praise the Lord for His unconditional love that even though we are His enemies, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay for our sins and become the ONLY WAY for us to be reconciled with God.

Let’s go back to the story. Read again and you’ll notice that Adam and Eve were blessed with EVERYTHING THAT THEY NEED. From food, to shelter, to a personal relationship with God. I mean, they are able to talk to the God of the universe! What more could they ask for?

But then the serpent came and Eve began to think that amidst all that they already have, this is something that they lack.

And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food (lust of the flesh), and that it was pleasant to the eyes (lust of the eyes), and a tree to be desired to make one wise (pride of life), she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. Genesis 3:6

Sometimes, we are like Eve. We are distracted by the things that we lack to the point where we forget the things that God has provided for us.

God has taught me a valuable lesson this week:

1. When the Bible says, God shall supply all my needs. It really means ALL my needs.

So when we lack on something, God maybe telling us, “you can live without that” or “what I gave you is enough” or “it will hurt you more than it will make you happy”

That may be the reason why we lack these things in the first place, so we will see that God’s providence is timely, right and enough for our need.

Adam and Eve have EVERYTHING they needed in life yet they thought they needed more.

2. Your lack of something doesnt mean God’s neglect, as some may see it.

God doesn’t forget about you when He didn’t give you that extra money you are asking for to buy that new appliance. God still cares for you even if He didn’t give you the man that you really, really like. God still loves you even if He didn’t answer your prayer for your financial needs. God is still in control even if He answered no to your prayer for healing.

God is good all the time and He has displayed His goodness to us, sometimes in ways that we do not understand at first, but in the end it’ll be for our ultimate good.

The fruit, though very pleasing in the eyes of Eve, will cost her harm. That was why it was forbidden. Eve didn’t see how harmful it really was until she gave in and disobeyed God. If only she listened and trusted God in the first place.

3. Your lack of something can be God’s means of displaying His grace.

When we abound in the things that we want, it may be difficult for us to appreciate the little things that God is doing in our life. But if we are stripped of these things, that’s when we have a better view of the hand of God in our life.

Just today:

*someone paid for my groceries, and

*someone paid me more than the original quote for a graphic design that I created.

Had I more money in my bank account, I would ignore these blessings.

4. We should choose to thank the Lord for the things we have and lack because God can use both to grow our faith in Him.

Adam and Eve yearned to be wise, knowing good and evil. They wanted to be like God. Pride is a very subtle sin that can creep on anyone’s mind and heart.

To be more or to have more, we think this will make us happy and satisfied.

If only we pause for a while, look around, see what God has already provided. See how marvelous an experience it is to know God and to have a personal relationship with Him.

If only Adam and Eve realized that their greatest need is met in that garden. It was to be with God.

If only we see that our greatest need IS God, and that it is already met the day we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, reconciling us with God.

Then and only then will we be thankful for the things that we have and for the things that we lack, for in both we see a loving God who works all things for our good.

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