A Chance To Die by Elisabeth Elliot – Book Review

Title: A Chance To Die: The Life And Legacy of Amy Carmichael

Author/s: Elisabeth Elliot

Publisher: May 1st 2005 by Fleming H. Revell Company (first published June 1st 1987)

Pages: 381 pages

Purchase the book at: Amazon , Thriftbooks (2nd hand) , Baker Publishing group

My review:

This book is a biography of the Irish missionary, Amy Carmichael. I remember when I first heard about her during our Vacation Bible School, I remember the part of her life where she prayed for blue eyes because her mom told her that God answers prayers. To her dismay, God didn’t turn her brown eyes to blue but later on in life, she learned the purpose of her brown eyes. When she became a missionary in India, it was easier for her to disguise as one of the people because she had brown eyes. God has a plan for every thing, even the parts of our life where we think God made a mistake.

What a life! What a testimony! If I don’t have Mommy duties, I might have finished this in a few days sitting. I have always loved the story of Amy Carmichael, I even named my firstborn after her. Her life is a picture of submission to Christ and love for souls. Elisabeth Elliot (also a fave author of mine) did a great job in writing this book. I can say that through this book, I have come to know Amy in a more personal level and it has helped me focus more on what matters in light of eternity rather than focus on the mundane things of life. Her diligence and focus in the work of the Lord is something that Christians should look up to as an example.

*The book contains graphics

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