Diary Of An Evangelist’s Wife: Out of my comfort zone yet still within God’s comfort

Note: The purpose of this blog series is to share what the Lord has been doing in terms of my personal spiritual maturity specifically with my role as an Evangelist’s wife. This definitely is a humbling opportunity to serve the Lord by serving my husband and serving alongside him in the ministry. We will still be sending out newsletters/updates regarding National Hoops Philippines. For more information about our ministry, please visit www.nhphilippines.com

Amos and the team travelled to Laguna last September 2, it was the beginning of their trip this school year. I had to stay at home with our daughters because (1) Umi is still young to travel and (2) we no longer fit in the truck given that there are 4 team members this year.

Amos and I had been in a long distance relationship for 9 years before we got married and yet every time he leaves (even just for a few days), it has always been hard for me. Talk about “clingy” haha. Anyway, we both know that this is for our good and that the Lord will be our comfort during this year’s travel.

The first few days after they left was challenging. I tried my best to prepare, planning out the day’s activity for Amy while I also take care of Umi. Praise God for my mom who has been a huge help. The usual day for us includes Bible and prayer time, activity outdoors, afternoon school for Amy, and chores. I LOVE PLANNING. I enjoy organizing/scheduling tasks, making to-do lists, but let me tell you, when you have kids especially toddlers, you shouldn’t expect to tick-off everything in your list. There will always be times when all you are able to do is feed, bathe, tame the toddler with tantrums, put them to sleep and pray that you will still have time to take a bath. Motherhood is challenging but knowing that God has given me this wonderful gift of having children, I should always remind myself to be grateful and to be content (to not compare my children with others) and to always look on the brighter side of things and not just on the undone tasks of the day.

1Th 5:18 KJV In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Amos told me a few days after they left for Laguna that we can go and stay with him for a week since there’s a spare room for our family in the house of Pastor Junie and Ate Raquel Austero (host pastor for 2 weeks) and so we did. I was so excited to be with my husband again even just for a week that I forgot I have 2 little ones to take care of.

When Amy traveled for the first time, she was 9 months old then, it wasn’t really difficult except for that one incident where we had to bring her to the ER. But now that I have a perky 2-year-old and an energetic 5-month-old who loves to crawl a lot and can’t be left alone on the bed, our life became more…interesting. Haha

Tournament day came and I was left alone to take care of the two at home. Still thankful for Ate Raquel for all the help that Saturday. ❤
I remember praying that day to be over soon, I was exhausted, I had back pain, and I was really looking forward to going home!

My attitude changed, I was almost demanding help from Amos in taking care of our children whenever he is available. I thought to myself, it was better for us to have stayed at home than to be there that week. God, in His all-sufficient grace, didn’t allow me to continue acting that way. He used my daily devotions on Daniel and the book that I’m reading “Mind the Gap” by Terrie Chappell to convict me of my sin.

I remember one statement from the book that struck me most:

When our focus is off the Lord, we open our hearts to bitterness.

BUT, when we make the daily choice to die to self and place our focus on Christ, it becomes easier to overlook the shortcomings of others.

DIE TO SELF. Yes, that was what I needed to do. It isn’t easy but if we choose to look to Christ, He will help us.

The next few days were delightful. The situation didn’t change, I still have to take care of the kids, but my heart changed, my response changed. God is good. We were supposed to leave Thursday but we’ve decided to stay until Sunday night which means we’ll go through another tournament day where I will be left the whole day at home with the kids. I’m glad I stayed, I’m glad the Lord changed my heart.

That Saturday morning while Amos and the team are conducting the tournament, we learned that my brother-in-law, Amos’ older brother have Stage 4 Colon Cancer. It is indeed a difficult time for the family, especially for Amos who is really close with his Kuya. Had I let pride and selfishness rule over me, I would have left a few days ago to go and be in the comfort
of our home and would not have been by my husband’s side during this difficult time.

We all desire comfort but sometimes it is in the most uncomfortable circumstances of our life that God displays His grace. It is in the undesirable moments that we see God’s purpose. When God calls us to step out of our comfort zone, we can be assured that God’s comfort will always be there for us. His grace is sufficient, His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

I am grateful to the Lord that I was able to be with my husband even just for a short time. Just to be with him, pray for and with him is more than enough. I’m blessed to have a husband who loves the Lord above all.

A quick update on what the Lord has done during the 1st two weeks in Calamba, Laguna: A total of 48 teams came and 115 salvation decisions including a father who was there to watch his son play. That is power of the Gospel! ❤

Next on NHP’s itinerary:
September 16-22 Victoria, Laguna
September 23-25 No tournament/Missionary retreat

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  1. What a blessing to read how God is using His Word in your heart! Praying for Pastor Amos’ kuya and for all of you as you constantly adjust to new versions of family and ministry life. Thank you for sharing your heart like this, Sofia.

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