6-month goal setting

We always hear about New year’s resolution and how, for most people including me, it only lasts a few months. Well, it really is hard to keep up with our goals but I found out that there’s still hope for us. I read about the 6-month action plan for your goals by Mrs. Laura Berrey and I was deeply encouraged to do it!

So I just want to share my very own 6-month goals to you and hopefully it will help you in your own goal setting.

1. 6 books in 6 months

I love books but honestly I still have a lot of unread books in my library. Motherhood made it more difficult to keep up but as I read from the article above, it is possible if we include it as part of our goal. The secret is to keep the books close to you. Divide the number of chapters with the number of days in a month to see how many chapters I have to read per day.

It’s not just the accomplishment of finishing a book that I’m after, it’s the effect of reading in my brain and memory plus, my spiritual growth.

2. Homeschooling goal with Amy

My goal until December is for Amy to

(A) have a better pen grip

(B) have an established Bible time every morning (no play or screen time before we read the Bible and pray)

(C) familiar with alphabet sounds

(D) have an earlier bed time (no more late naps and wake her up early in the morning)

3. Health goal for me and my family

Action plans under this goal includes:

(A) Choosing healthier food as part of the food budget.

(B) Consistent afternoon walks as a family plus individual exercise time for me and Amos.

(C) Vitamins

(D) Lessen sweets especially for Amy😔

(E) Continue breastfeeding Umi

(F) Lose weight

4. Financial goal

Work on limiting our use of Credit card and eating out. How?

*Make a weekly menu! Taco tuesdays will be a staple for us.

*Have an emergency fund by the end of December.

5. Business goal

I’m so thrilled on how God answered my prayer of having a side business to help with our needs. Patterns Digital Design was God’s answer.

For the rest of 2019, my goal is to sharpen my ability by research and studying more about design.

Currently studying Adobe Illustrator.

6. Bible goal

My goal for the rest of 2019 is to read the New Testament.

I want to take time and not rush on my Bible reading so I decided not to read the entire Bible this year. It’s not a race after all.

If you are way past your January goals, don’t lose hope! There’s still 4 months left this year and if you can’t finish it by December, go ahead and continue on your own pace. The main goal is not merely to tick these goals off your list but to grow and mature!🥰

God reminds us to walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise. Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Ephesiana 5:15-16

Let’s be good stewards of our time by purposefully setting goals.

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Wife to an amazing husband| Mother of two| Sinner saved by God's Grace

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