Gleaning Gold From Godly Women

When Paul urged the older women to be “teachers of good things” to the younger women on Titus 2, I’m pretty sure Paul wasn’t talking about a one-way relationship. There should be a desire both to teach and to learn.

As much as there should be initiative in the side of the older women to help the younger generation of women to grow in their faith, the younger women should also make it a goal to glean gold from the godly women around them.

How? By asking questions.

I’ve read an article about this from Revive Our Hearts: 100 questions to fuel mentoring relationships

You can go ahead and list some questions down and start gleaning gold!

Just so you know, every one is a younger person to someone else, maybe not by age but by maturity. So, no one is excused— we can all learn from one another whether you are in your 20s, newly married, a new mom or a thriving career woman or you may be in your 60s, living another season of your life. God designed us women to continually learn from Him and others.

Discipleship has always been my burden. It makes me glad to spend time and share my life with younger women that the Lord has entrusted to me BUT it is also a huge blessing to be able to learn from the lives of godly, older women around me. I started jotting down questions from the article above and sent it to a few godly women I know this week and I HAVE LEARNED A LOT. 😊🥰

A few tips for you as you start this journey:

1. Don’t hesitate to ask questions

– Most probably, the women you choose to glean gold from will be more than happy to help.

2. Young woman, pray that God will lead you to a specific older woman who would mentor you. You will need someone to give you biblical wisdom, rebuke you with love, pray for and with you, someone you can confide with and enjoy life together.

3. Older women, please do not pass the opportunity to share what the Lord has done in your life. Pray for a young woman to mentor.

4. Discipleship doesn’t always have to be a formal bible-study type of relationship though of course, growing in our knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ is our top priority. It is sharing life together. You can enjoy other activities together too.

Learning will only stop when God calls us home. Let’s continue to glean gold from others and may we be able to impart gold for others too who have been watching our lives.

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