My Birth Story: Umi Susannah

July 2018, we found out we are having another baby while we were still in the States. Throughout this 2nd pregnancy, God has been continually teaching me to trust in Him by answering my prayers with NO.

Of course, we prayed for a smooth pregnancy but instead, I had UTI on my 1st trimester, became nauseous (didn’t experience this with my 1st) and had subchorionic hemmorhage. It didn’t stop there, I also started experiencing contractions as early as the 4th month. I had to stay home most of the time.

I also had a personal prayer request to have a baby boy this time but God gave us another baby girl. 😍

Come my last trimester, I prayed that hopefully, everything will start to go smoothly but then again, God said NO. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes on my 7th month, contractions were frequent and I had to change my diet to control my sugar. The sugar monitoring device was quite expensive as well.

9th month came, I again prayed to the Lord that baby#2 will come out before due (main reason: GDM moms tend to have bigger babies and we were praying for a normal delivery this time after having a c-section with Amy). I was due March 23 base on my period and April 3 base on my 1st ultrasound. And you guessed it right, God said NO. I went pass both due dates.

To be honest, during the last few days, I kind of let go of my prayer to have a normal delivery, having the feeling that God may again answer it with a NO. I just accepted the fact that maybe I will have another c-section especially after finding out that baby’s estimated weight is already at 3.9kilos last Saturday(April 6). From 2.9kilos to 3.9 in just 2 weeks (GDM problem 😦 ) Amy was just 3.5 kilos when she was born.

April 8 at 2 in the morning, I was awaken by contractions. Didn’t care, I just tried to go back to sleep since I had several false alarms the past 3 weeks. But this time, it was different, I began monitoring it for an hour and a half and it was at 6-8 minutes apart. It was also more intense than my past contractions. I told my husband to get ready since I feel like this is the day. Called my OB around 3:30AM and asked if we can still go to the maternity clinic first (I was hoping to give birth via waterbirth) but she said, given the estimated weight of the baby, it is safer to go to the hospital…and so we went.

4AM, we arrived at the hospital, contractions were 3-5 minutes apart. Checked at the ER, I was already at 8CM. They brought me to the delivery room after that.

I began reminding myself of the verse that I memorized:

My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. Psalm121:2

I tried to remind myself that the God who made the heaven and earth is the same God who will help me.

It was so painful. I mean, I know it will be painful but it’s different if you’re already there and experiencing it first hand. I have zero tolerance for pain! πŸ˜‚ I’m very, very grateful that they allowed Amos to be with me the entire time, he has always been my greatest encourager. I reached 10CM after more than 30 minutes of pushing and I couldn’t take the pain anymore. Even after stepping down from the delivery bed, walking around, squatting, sitting on the toilet bowl, swaying with my husband, I asked for anesthesia. Our amazing OB gave me something else (I forgot the name) it helped me to relax..a few minutes after it was given, our baby was out!!

I even remembered looking at my husband as he told me “Ayan na!” With tears in his eyes. Umi Susannah Antonio was born April 8 2019, 6:40 AM. It was a humbling experience. One I will never forget. And to experience it with my husband, it was very precious.

You know what? God answered our prayers in a way that HE ALONE WILL GET THE GLORY!

All the struggles and pain throughout this pregnancy, all the NOs to my prayers leads to this moment, Umi was 4 kilos when she was born, heavier than the estimated weight in the ultrasound (babies usually end having lower weight compared to the ultrasound, well, not Umi) I labored for 3 hours only and yes, it was a normal delivery.

Can I brag about this? Absolutely not! There is nothing that I did that made this possible. But I sure can brag about one thing…and it is this:

My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. Psalm121:2

With our OB, Doc Bev Ferrer. We praise the Lord for you, Doc. God bless you more!

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2 thoughts on “My Birth Story: Umi Susannah

  1. Praise and glory to the Lord, Sof! Every pregnancy is indeed different. No one can tell you what you should or should’ve done because they are not on your shoes. You did what you knew was best. I’m grateful to know that the Lord was with you all through out and all the time! Your children are blessed to have you and Amos as their parents!

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