2020 Goals

2020 prayer goals:

1. Discipleship ministry to grow!

2. Training/discipline for my little girls

3. Bible club in our neighborhood

4. Be able to share the Gospel to 12 people this year. (More the better)

5. Save money every month

(Review of my 2019 goals)

  1. I’m currently aiming for VBAC or Vaginal Birth after a C-Section this coming March 2019 to our 2nd baby, praying that it will be successful. 🙂 – SUCCESS! PRAISE THE LORD! Gave birth last April 8 2019
  2. My discipleship ministry to grow. Currently enjoying a 1-on-1 session with a dear sister in Christ and praying for another one starting early next year.
  3. Learn more about budgeting and preparing meals. I really need to work on this. 🙂
  4. Pass the love of reading to my children, especially Amy who will be 3 in a few days. Working on this!

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