2019 Goals

2019 prayer goals:

  1. I’m currently aiming for VBAC or Vaginal Birth after a C-Section this coming March 2019 to our 2nd baby, praying that it will be successful. 🙂 – SUCCESS! PRAISE THE LORD! Gave birth last April 8 2019
  2. My discipleship ministry to grow. Currently enjoying a 1-on-1 session with a dear sister in Christ and praying for another one starting early next year.
  3. Learn more about budgeting and preparing meals. I really need to work on this. 🙂
  4. Pass the love of reading to my children, especially Amy who will be 2 in a few days.
  5. START DECLUTTERING. This was supposed to be a 2018 goal but I don’t think I can finish it by the end of the year so let’s carry it to 2019.
  6. Save money by the end of the year. Praying to be a better steward of God’s provision.


(Will post more as soon as something comes to mind)

Review of my 2017 goals:

  1. Create a consistent routine for AMY -still working on this, it’s a never ending process I think. 🙂
  2. Go back to Photography– Mommy’s leisure time -didn’t happen lol
  3. 12 books in 12 months (3/12) -no idea if I finished this
  4. Win something (YES!!! Overnight stay at Azumi Hotel from a SOuthPinanays online contest)
  5. Keep Blog updated, well try as much as I can. Haha -nope, didn’t happen lol!
  6. Save money at the end of the year – I think we did, God always provides our needs even more.
  7. Look for small or part time work – I still have one now, praise the Lord. 😉
  8. Lead a Ladies’ Bible Study group/ Discipleship – I am leading one now. Answered prayer! 🙂
  9. Upgrade Prayer Journal (make it a little more informative) – still working on this.

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