The Virtuous Woman: Do You Know Her Name? 

Recently, I have been thinking about the woman in Proverbs 31, commonly known as the virtuous woman. We know her acts of kindness in her home, we know about how she speaks (v. 26) and how she works (v. 27), how she demonstrates her love for her husband and children. But, never did we learn about her NAME.

A name to whom we can address our adoration, our gratitude for being a model of many Christian women. A name we can share with others, to spread abroad her marvelous works. A name we can use as an illustration of a godly wife and mother during our Sunday school class.

We like to be given credit for the things we’ve done. It would be nice for other people to notice the good that I’m doing for them. It would even be better if others talk about me (specifically) as an illustration of good works to other people. That’s going to make me feel good about myself. But, sometimes, we don’t need to be known and recognized to do what we ought to do; besides, we’re only capable of doing anything good because of the grace of God. That in itself, we can’t get any credit at all.

I help my husband be the best that he can be for the glory of God. I help him with his ministry, I support him by being there for him, by praying for him, by doing tasks that he needs help with, by loving him. When other people praises him, I don’t stand beside him and say, “I did that! ” Rather, I stand behind him and utter praises to the Lord for His grace. That makes me feel good. When my husband is “known in the gates”, it is enough for me.

Same goes for my child, my goal as a mother is to lead my child to Christ, whatever it takes. She may become a successful teacher, doctor, lawyer or whatever she wants to pursue when she gets older but if she doesn’t know Christ then I have failed. When she become a faithful Christian woman, I also do not take credit for that. It is only through divine enablement that she grows spiritually mature. My job is to guide her in that direction.

Other people might never notice what I am doing for my family, they might even criticize me, some may not even know my name but I look to God and His Word and I’m grateful for having a nameless role model in Proverbs 31.

Her life was dedicated to serving her God through her family, that was God’s purpose for her. That was her ministry. She did have a name, given to her by her children. V. 28 tells us that they call her, BLESSED. Somehow, that is enough.

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