Experiencing God’s Peace

What hinders us to have peace?

The most common reasons include:





Take the time to evaluate yourself and write down your own set of fears, worries, pressures and maybe even unrepented sins. 

We tend to feel anxious about a lot of things: our health, our finances, our future, ourselves, etc. 

Satan works in these areas so we will forget God and His promise to give us peace. Elizabeth George says, 

If we think what if questions we fail to acknowledge God

 The good news is,  the Bible teaches us how to overcome these things and live a life with peace. We’ll go through three aspects that will help us cultivate a life of peace. 

1. Cultivating the fruit of peace in our life through right praying

Philippians 4:6-7

There are 3 key words in this passage:

1. Being careful/ Anxious

Being anxious is the problem we are told to put off;

2. Prayer

Is the procedure we are told to practice;

3. Peace

Is the product we are promised by God.

The first condition for a secure and peaceful mind and victory over your anxieties is praying about everything

2. Cultivating the fruit of peace in our life through right thinking

Most of the time the lack of peace starts with the wrong thoughts. 

Isaiah 26:3 

Philippians 4:8 

Paul gives us a guide to the right thinking.. 
-The next time you think about something/someone, refer to this verse as your guide: is it true? Is it honest? Just? Pure? Lovely? Of good report?
This is not merely positive thinkin because we have a basis of our thoughts–The Scriptures. We are to practice godly thoughts about ourselves,  our needs,  our future and other people.

Also, the right thinking involves our acknowledgement that everything that happens in our life is in God’s hands. 

Psalm 31:15

All my life’s whys and whens and wheres and wherefores  are in God’s hands.-Elizabeth George
Therefore if we direct our focus to the Lord and we choose to trust Him no matter what,  God will give us perfect peace as stated in Isaiah 26:3.

 3. Cultivating a life of peace through right living

Philippians 4: 9

These are the things that we learn from the Bible and we receive. We lear  to pray for everything so we will not be anxious for anything and we are to trust in God and practice thinking godly thoughts. We are to apply and do it for it to take effect. 

But also,  we must be reminded that unrepented sins,  sins we tolerate in our lives.. the small sins as we call it..  If we do not give these up,  we will not have peace because the peace of God serves as a test whether we obeying His will. 

 I am going to leave you a true story of a man who lived out peace… 

In 1873 there was a man named Horatio Spafford he was a respectable lawyer and a church leader in Chicago.  One day they decided to have a family vacation to Europe . However,  At the last moment Horatio was detained by business, and Anna his wife and the girls went on ahead, sailing on the ocean, Horatio promised to join them in a few days. Unfortunately, the ship was rammed by a British vessel and sank within minutes. Anna was picked up unconscious on a floating spar, but the four daughters had drowned. A few days after the accident,  Horatio received a telegram from his wife who’s currently in Wales,  which says : “Saved alone.  What shall I do? ”

With a heavy heart,  Horatio sailed going to Wales to be with his grieving wife.  In the middle of his journey,  the captain of the ship mentioned to Horatio that they’re approaching what is said to be the approximate spot where his daughters had drowned, Horatio went to the deck of the ship, looked at the vast ocean ahead then he cried to the Lord and asked for peace and comfort. It is said that it is in this particular journey that Horatio penned one of the most famous hymns of all time,  a hymn that has been used by many Christians as a reminder of the peace that comes from the Lord. Here’s a stanza from the hymn:

When peace like a river attendeth my way,

When sorrows like sea billows roll,

Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say,

It is well, it is well with my soul.

The God who gave Horatio peace is the same God who is able to give you that kind of peace. 

May this lesson be a reminder to all of us that we can have peace if we give all our cares to the Lord in prayer,  if we practice thinking godly thoughts and if we give up the sins that costs us our peace.

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