Someone Is Coming Back Soon, Are You Ready?

Being on the last few days of my pregnancy, we are currently on a ‘waiting’ game. Someone even joked about this and said:

Any day could be “THE DAY” and although we are really excited to meet our little fella, I can’t help but think when is she really coming out?? 

As we wait for our girl to arrive, I have come to realize a much more grand event that’s going to take place any time soon as well-the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He is indeed coming back to claim His own, when? Well that, my friends, we do not know. But, we can and should prepare for it.

A. Don’t just wait, get things done!

While our baby is still in her momma’s tummy, it’s time for the important tasks to be done. My husband and I have been cleaning our place, scrubbing floors, dusting walls, putting away garbage and old stuff we no longer need, assembling the baby crib, and the list goes on. We have to do it now because once the baby arrives, everything should be done and prepared and we no longer can do these tasks once she comes out.

That particular mindset should be with us Christians who are waiting for the coming of our Lord. Yes, we don’t know when He’s coming back but we have a lot of tasks given to us from God’s Word to fulfill. How many souls have you shared the Gospel with? How involved are you in the church ministries? Have you been you using your God-given talent for the Lord in its full capacity? Are you honing your skills that you can eventually use for the ministry? Have you been spending your time wisely, using it to encourage others? and the list goes on. Remember, once He comes back, there’s no more time to fulfill the tasks He has given us from the Bible.

B. Wait With Joy and Anticipation

For the past weeks, I have been dreaming about the day when we’ll finally meet our baby! Oh, the joy it brings to my heart whenever I think of such thoughts. My husband and I anticipate her arrival.

It’s sad to know that there are Christians who do not anticipate the coming of the Lord, sometimes they even wish it will not happen soon. I admit, that includes me. There are times when I think to myself, “Oh, my dad is still not saved, I hope the Lord will not come back soon” or “I want this and that to happen first before the Lord arrives” 

This just proves how selfish we are when it comes to this life, which apparently is no longer our own, but God’s. We forgot how glorious that day would be to finally meet our Lord face to face for the first time and live in a place where suffering and pain no longer exists, a place where God’s presence is the only satisfaction we need. We forgot that the Lord is good and is merciful and will come in a time, though unknown to all, that is perfect and wherein His will for all men has already been fulfilled.

We should be joyful to know that every trial, discouragement, pain, loss, sickness, struggles will come to an end… SOON! 

My baby will arrive soon but nothing compares to the joy that we will finally be with our God for all eternity. Now, get yourself moving and wait with joy and anticipation!

Published by littlemisspilgrim

Wife to an amazing husband| Mother of two| Sinner saved by God's Grace

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