Final Stretch of my Pregnancy

I am now 35 weeks and 2 days pregnant and in more or less 5 weeks I will be seeing my firstborn for the very first time.

For the past 8 months, I never really thought of labor and the excruciating pain that comes with it (even though I have been actively reading and researching about birth stories and how to deal with labor pains and all that).

Grateful for facebook groups such as:

-Gentle Birth Philippines

-Buntis Brigada Support Ph

-Breastfeeding Pinays

-South Pinanays

These groups composed of moms aided me especially as I plan for my own birthing journey.

What’s my birth plan?

1. First of all, I would like no interventions be given to me unless it is necessary. As I have read, to be induced would just make matters worse because it will let your body work double time, leaving you with little or no rest in between contractions.

2. No epidural. In the beginning of my pregnancy, I already made up my mind that I will be getting the epidural just like my sister simply because it’ll help reduce labor pain BUT again after researching and I found out the side effects it has for both mommy and baby, I made the decision to not go for it, no matter what. I know God’s strength and grace will be more than enough for me as I deal with labor.

3. I would like my husband to be with me at all times. This is self explanatory, he is the father of my child and I want us both to welcome our firstborn together. Good thing my OB said yes to this already. 😊

4. I would like an all-female team in the delivery room.

5. I would like to have delayed cord clamping for my baby and experience Unang Yakap.

6. Also, no episiotomy unless it is necessary.

Blessing amidst the pains of the 3rd and final trimester:

Even though the past few weeks has been very, very difficult for me. God’s Word is enough to comfort me plus having a husband that is ever loving and supportive. I never thought pregnancy would also affect me mentally and physically. I begin to think of our financial needs especially the hospital bill that’s about to come. I begin to think and even dream of the future, dealing with a child at home, embracing this new responsibility as a parent. Thoughts like “Am I ready for this?”, “Can I be a good mom to my child?” and the like begins to bother me especially at night while I’m also having a hard time to find the right position to sleep comfortably.

But God’s grace is still and will always be sufficient. God has proven His faithfulness over and over and this is no different, it’s just a matter of trusting God for the uncertainties of life.

I am continually reminded of this truth by my husband. He has been there for me and has been a huge help in this journey. I could never thank the Lord enough for this man.

That’s a picture of us during our baby shower at church. Grateful for our churchmates. Now, the hospital bag for baby is complete. Again, one of God’s provision. 😊

The next time I post, it might already be my birth story. See you in a few weeks!

Remember, God’s faithfulness is true and will forever be true. 😊

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  1. Advance congrats Sofia! Practice labor relaxation and breathing techniques as early as now. It will be difficult to focus once actual labor begins so you need to master those to manage the labor pains I hope you will have a short labor, smooth and safe delivery and a healthy baby.

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