Book Review: Plucked From The Burning By Ken and Beth Spilger

spilger-bookcover-rev3Title: Plucked From The Burning

Author/s: Ken and Beth Spilger

Publisher: Reflections Publications

Pages: 280 pages

Purchase the book at: Reflections Publications









Summary and book cover photo from Reflections Publications:

This book is about our personal journey through a very difficult time when Ken was the only survivor of a plane crash with major 3rd degree burns.

Ken Spilger was the only survivor of a plane crash in St Louis, MO while coming home from a conference. Beth and Ken went through very hard times physically, emotionally and financially following the plane crash and it changed their lives. Now, 33 years after the crash, they are telling their story of how God carried them through their trials.  -From Reflections Publications

My Review:

I started reading this book last September, I was 6 months pregnant at that time and as I scan through the first few pages, I thought to myself, “Do I really want to read through this? It’s kind of depressing to learn of the tragedy of a plane crash and all of the difficult stages Pastor Ken has to go through while recovering and I don’t think I need this kind of book now that I am pregnant”  Nevertheless, I continued reading it.

As each chapter progresses along with my pregnancy, I slowly am  able to realize what God wants me to see through this book. Of course, the pain I’m now feeling for the last few months of pregnancy will never match the pain that Pastor Ken experienced or even Mrs. Spilger. But, this book taught me how to surrender to God in a way that I am letting Him rule over me in every aspect including this stage of carrying a child in my womb until the day that she will be born.

God has a purpose for everything and that includes even the painful times of our lives. And, once we see that purpose, once we embrace that purpose, we will be able to see God’s hand in everything.

I’m glad I sticked with this book, it’s just the perfect book that I needed right at this very stage of my life.  Thank you to Pastor Mike and Ate Nikki Washer for giving this to me. 🙂

*The book contains graphics


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