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Hi everyone,

I just felt like writing a blog this morning. It’s a bit different from my other blogs because this is more like a personal blog of what’s happening to me lately.

I am currently 6 months pregnant and here are some of the changes that I’m experiencing right now:

  1. Baby’s movements. It started during my 20th week and it was, indeed, the best feeling ever. It somehow made me realize even more that I actually carry a new life in my tummy. 😀
  2. Weight gain. This is, by far, the worst part of being pregnant–I’ve reached the numbers in the weighing scale, I never dreamt of reaching. Hahaha
  3. Acid Reflux. This one, I’ve just experienced starting last week. Oh, what a discomfort! I couldn’t continue on with my regular routine because of this sharp pain in my tummy.

From what I’ve learned from my O.B. last time we went to her for my monthly checkup, my baby’s size is proportion to the number of weeks I’m currently in, everything else is normal. Even, my weight gain! But she told me to start controlling for the next couple of months. She gave me a goal of maximum 2 lbs increase in 30 days. That’s going to be tough because I usually increase 1 lb per WEEK.  But, I am determined to do everything so I would be able to deliver my baby normally. Hence, I created my own pregnancy  diet and workout program for next 4 weeks.

WEEK 1- DONE! did good, I think. 😀

I try to atleast do a 20-30minute exercise everyday. Some of the workout routines I follow are the following:


For my diet, I try to eat as much fruits as I can during snack times so I won’t munch on bread or pasta.

For my acid reflux problem, here are some of the remedies I found on google:

  1. As much as possible, drink water between meals not DURING.
  2. After eating, sit or stand for a while. Never lie down after eating.
  3. Do not eat close to bedtime.
  4.  Rest. I usually stop exercising whenever I feel this pain.

I think that’s it for my preggy story, now for some blessings:

1.First and foremost, I praise the Lord for FINALLY opening the door of opportunity to work online. I currently got two jobs with UpWork but I am most blessed to share with you one of my job:

  1. My employer is a Christian, his name is James Robor.
  2. Basically, my job is to help him spread the Gospel in the internet. My work includes social media marketing, SEO and graphic design.

If you have time, you can check out his website on James Robor Website

2. I’ve been constantly updating my prayer journal lately and I enjoy doing it, if you want to read more about the benefits of having one, click here: Prayer Journal 101

3. National Hoops Philippines is on its second week now. They’re currently in Asingan, Pangasinan. Help us pray that more people will hear God’s Word through this ministry. Oh and by the way, the result of their first tournament in Nueva Vizcaya was a huge success:

200+ players came

100+ audience watched

150+ made the decision to accept Christ as their personal Savior!

Praise God! 😀

I think that’s it for updating.

Will post another article in the next few days.

How about you, how was your week?  🙂





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