Prayer Journal 101

Have you ever struggled with your prayer time? Has it been somewhat a routine for you? or have you neglected it altogether? Well, we’ve all been there. Always be reminded that everything spiritual is being opposed by our enemy. So, (1) you are not alone in this battle, and (2) you can actually win this battle!

I once heard that the solution to your struggle in prayer is to pray. Sounds ironic but it’s true, at the end of the day it is God who will give you the strength, discipline, and joy to grow.

Here’s a practical blog to help you with your personal prayer time with the Lord.

I personally am having a hard time to remember everything in prayer and this is one of the things that makes it difficult to keep up with your prayer time. Because of this, I decided to write everything down. Hence, my personal prayer journal. 🙂


In my prayer journal, I divide each page into two columns: (Left) PRAYER, (Right) ANSWER. This way, I can also record God’s answer to my every prayer. I also write the date so I would know how long I have been praying for a specific thing.


As you can see, though blurred, I highlight prayer requests that were answered with a YES. Whatever the answer is, God is still good and He will always give what is best for His children. 😀

Having a prayer journal made me realize:

  1. That God is sovereign.
  2. That He answers our prayers based on His will.
  3. That in every prayer answered with a NO, God gives us something better.
  4. That there are so many things to thank the Lord for.
  5. That it is an encouragement to know that God has answered my personal prayers as well as my prayers for other people! ( I remember seeing a dear sister posting an update on facebook regarding an answered prayer–my heart was filled with joy as I know I also prayed for it) 🙂
  6. That it is such a joy to pray not just for yourself but for others, too.
  7. That God does not forget.
  8. That He works all things for good.
  9. That it’s not that hard to pray.
  10. That it encourages other people if they know that you’re praying for them.

I hope this gives you enough drive to start your own personal prayer journal!

If you’re giving this a try, let me know how it goes! 🙂


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Wife to an amazing husband| Mother of two| Sinner saved by God's Grace

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