Far Above Rubies: Why aren’t All Women Like Her? (Part 3)

virtuous-womanNow to the questions, “why is she hard to find?” and “why are not all women like her?”

If the Virtuous woman is a role model for every woman then why is she hard to find in today’s world? Why aren’t all women like her?

The answer is simple: God has a specific and special calling for women and women today do not understand that calling.

Let’s say that you’ve already gone through the rest of the verses describing the virtuous woman. Try to open the television and look for women, what kind of women do you see? How do they talk? How do they dress? How do they act? How do they relate to others especially to the opposite gender?

In a world that says, “if you got it, flaunt it” women are manipulated to think that our worth depends on our outer appearance.

The Virtuous woman seeks to draws attentions not to herself but to her God.

In a world that says, “be independent, girl!”

The Virtuous woman is dependent on the Lord for strength, for happiness, for diligence, for wisdom, and for love.

In a world that says, “dress to impress! That is, immodestly”

The virtuous woman is respected, and by that I mean, private parts of her body are covered. She understands that her body is only to bring pleasure to her husband and not to other people.

In a world that says, “work for yourself and for your own luxury”

The virtuous woman works to help her family have a better life, to provide food for them, to make them comfortable and happy…and that brings her happiness.

In a world that says, “You can always pay for someone to cook and do other household chores for you!”

The virtuous woman is skilled at home! Her husband and children loves to be at home because this incredible woman makes them feel at home.

In a world that says, “you can flirt all you want as long as you’re not committed”

The virtuous woman believes that purity is of great importance.

In a world that says, “You have the right to say whatever you want!”

The virtuous woman only speaks words of wisdom and kindness.

And the comparison goes on.

Yes, it requires discipline, self-denial, humility and a right relationship with the Lord to become like the virtuous woman. Yes, she is hard to find. But it is possible to be like her… it’s a choice we can make. God’s grace is sufficient! He can make you virtuous only if you are willing to obey.


Next: The virtuous woman is trustworthy v.11

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