Far Above Rubies: Tackling Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Strength (Part 2)

The virtuous woman is a great role model for all women, not just wives and mothers. Click here for part 1:  (click here)

We’ve also learned about the definition of virtuous. Here’s a recap:

  • Having high moral standards,
  • Being good
  • Pure
  • Ethical
  • Upright
  • Exemplary
  • High-minded
  • Principled

Who’s talking to whom in the context of Proverbs 31?

It’s the mother of King Lemuel, giving her son, who happens to be the king, some godly, motherly advice. You can read about it from verses 1-9 and then she goes to verse 10.

“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.”

King Lemuel’s mother goes on to enumerate the characteristics of the virtuous woman.

(SIDE NOTE: In the original Hebrew language, these characteristics are written alphabetically so young king Lemuel might be able to remember all of it)

Proverbs 31 tackles all aspects for improvement

If you read through the succeeding verses, you will not just find a woman who is spiritually strong but is also physically, mentally and emotionally strong. THAT’S THE KIND OF ROLE MODEL YOU OUGHT TO LOOK AT!

You see, spiritual maturity is not just measured by your knowledge of God’s word, attendance in church and involvement in ministries. It involves a larger scope than that. It involves your physical, mental and emotional stability.

Are you easily angered? Is your body weak and unhealthy? Can you think straight even if problems arise?

These are some of the questions that I ask myself and to my dismay, I am far from reaching my goal to become like her.

The more you learn about the virtuous woman, the more you ask yourself, “Can I really be like her?”

Before you go on with your day and be discourage with what you just read. Here’s one thing to encourage you as it has been my encouragement daily.

The proverbs 31 woman is an ordinary woman just like you and me. God calls you to become a virtuous woman, a vessel unto honor, fit for His glory—so He will also give you the grace to become one. The only gap between the virtuous woman and you is called DILIGENCE and OBEDIENCE.

*Don’t worry, we’re in this together. I haven’t reached my goal yet. It’s a day by day decision to make.


Now to the questions, “why is she hard to find?” and “why are not all women like her?”

Stay tuned for part three.


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