So, have you heard the news?

We’re engaged!

It was an answered prayer and for the sake of those who doesn’t know us quite well, we were waiting for this for three years (or maybe 4, I lost count) Truly the Lord’s wisdom is incomprehensible, He reveals His answer to our prayers in the right time, and the right time means the time in which the Lord knows we are ready to accept His answer.

 Before I continue, I just want to make my point clear in writing this blog. I’m not writing this to “brighten up your fantasies of having your own happily-ever-after” nor to give you more “cheesiness” if you want to call it that way. My objective in this blog is for you to see GOD and HIS WISDOM.

We are not a perfect example. Just like most of you, we are both in the journey of getting to know our Savior more…and we did, every step of the way God revealed Himself to us.

Amos and I have struggled in many areas of our lives, we have our failures, but God remained faithful and great. I could quote the same words Moses told the Lord in Deuteronomy 3

“O Lord God, thou hast begun to shew thy servant thy greatness, and thy mighty hand: for what God is there in heaven or in earth, that can do according to thy works, and according to thy might?” verse 24

The more we know God, the more we appreciate the grace that He bestows us.The more we look past the shortcomings of one another, knowing that I too have received grace from God, I ought to be gracious to him/her as well.

The more we meditated on God’s Word,

The more we talked about God when we’re together,

The more we pray together or for each other,

The more our relationship becomes stable,

the more we grow in our love for each other.

(This is great tip for those who are in a relationship–it truly works)

God is and should always be our first love. Amos can never replace God as first in my life,’cause if that starts to happen ( and it did, several times before) then our relationship starts to move from being godly  to being selfish.

God is the core of our relationship and as long as we see that as true in our lives, our relationship will grow and will become pleasing to Him.

Now to our 9-month journey/final preparations before we head to become ONE. God has been continually reminding us about TRUST and OBEDIENCE. GOD IS SERIOUS ABOUT OBEDIENCE and He wants His people to trust Him.

The Lord knows how to train His people to become more and more like Him and this is what He has been teaching both of us these past few weeks.

God reminded us that we are to trust Him for provision and we are to trust Him for His perfect timing, and while we’re trusting Him and as we wait, we are to obey His Word, we are to do what we ought to do until the day that He will provide His answer to our prayers.

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Wife to an amazing husband| Mother of two| Sinner saved by God's Grace

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