God is good– all the time– God is good

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For the last two months,September and October, our theme at church was about “Stewardship”. Pastor Jun talked mostly about the goodness of the Lord and every message was truly a reminder that I am serving a good God and there is nothing that I do or have done that made Him good, He is good because He is God.

God made this truth more evident in my every day life as I see myself clinging on to His goodness every single day– and He never failed me, not even once!

Here are 5 things that God has been teaching me these past two months:

1. God owns us– He bought us with a price. I Corinthians 6:19-20

Since the Stewardship months at church started, God reminded me that I am His and that means He has all the authority in my life, in my body. I have to keep my body pure, NOT JUST FOR MY FUTURE HUSBAND, but for GOD! I AM HIS, everything that is His should be preserved.

2. God wants obedience better than sacrifice

I am reminded of this principle from my Sunday school lesson on Judges. God wants His people to obey Him, service to God should not come as an ‘excuse’ for not fully obeying Him, service to God should come as an outward manifestation of full obedience to God. These past two months, I have been struggling in keeping my ministries as I begin working again 5 days a week— to the point that I become frustrated in not getting some tasks done. God humbled me to view this principle and make it my own.

3. God gave His Word to guide us

Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O Lord God of hosts.” Jeremiah 15:16

I am thankful that God continually gives me the desire to read and study His Word– ’cause I know, on my own, I won’t do it! I find days when I don’t spend much time reading His word to be confusing, complicated and sometimes a lot more tiring than the days I get to spend more time in His Word. Truly, man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

4. God wants us to share His goodness to others by serving them

lolaOn the week of my birthday, my grandmother had an accident that caused a fracture on her right pelvis. To make the long story short, she is now in PGH and is scheduled for an operation. I ask for your prayers, she is 84 years old and is having a hard time remembering things, she is in pain from time to time too. My mom is staying with her most of the time so that leaves me in charge at home.

I now know how tiring it is to keep a home tidy and manage the budget for food and other necessities. This was indeed an evidence of God’s goodness ’cause I get to serve my mom by letting this off her shoulders. I also get to serve my grandmother for a few days, she has her diaper on ’cause she can’t walk and we have to feed her and do everything for her. It was hard but the fact that I get to share God’s goodness to other people is enough for me to be content and joyful as I serve.

5. God’s goodness is not measured by our standards

God is good all the time.

All the time, God is good.

ALL the time! Meaning, whether the situation is in my favor or not, God is good and there is nothing in my life that could be a precise measurement of His goodness. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO THANK GOD FOR!

* My grandma is in for an operation

1. Praise God for providing financially

2. for giving us a dear sister in Christ, Tita Sarah Luib, who happens to work in PGH, to help us get in almost immediately,

3. for the simple joys to be with Lola, she may be in pain from time to time, but she is still funny and it is a blessing to talk to her and hear that she answers ‘Okay naman, mabuti naman ako! Sarap dito sa ospital’ whenever we ask how is she feeling.

* My mom stays with lola at the hospital–

1. Praise God for the opportunity to serve her as I manage our home

2. for the chance to practice cooking and other chores

3. for giving me wisdom everyday as I manage our budget

* My new work at BPI–


1. Praise God that I now have a source of income again

2. for helping me save now more than before. ;P

3. for my officemates, (they’re great!) 😀

4. for the location of the branch– 20minutes away from home

* My birthday!!

1. Praise God for preserving me!

2. for giving me another opportunity to serve Him

3. for loved ones that I get to spend my birthday with! 🙂

…and the list goes on! 🙂


Buhay mo ba’y ipagkakait
Sa Panginoon ng lupa at langit?
lubos sa biyaya’t pagibig
Sa mundo ba’y Siya iyong pagpapalit?

Puso’y iakma sa kat’wiran
Alalahanin Kanyang kabutihan
Ika’y hindi na hahatulan
dahil inako Niya ang ‘yong kasalanan

Sa t’wing ika’y tumatalikod
Sa t’wing Salita Niya’y di sinusunod
dala nito’y kapighatian
Sa Diyos na di nagmaliw ang kabutihan

Alalahanin Kanyang awa
Sa pagpapatawad ‘di nagsasawa
sa t’wing tayo’y manunumbalik
laging tinatanggap sa Kanyang bisig

Sa bawat desisyon sa buhay
Alalahanin Kanyang kabutihan
Kapurihan sa Diyos ibigay
Sa lahat Siyang tunay na may karapatan


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