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It’s my birthday month and my semestral break! I was able to do a lot and became really productive this month, check it out:bloggraphics_didyouknow1. Less stuff, less problem

If you are going to live a missionary’s or an evangelist’s life then you’ve got to learn how to stop buying stuff that you don’t really need. I was able to help a bit in transferring our things from our dorm to our new dorm. It was tiring yet fun! I remember Ate Mila K. saying, “You won’t realize how much stuff you have until you transfer from one place to another.” And then, I began thinking of my future life with Amos—moving from one place to another. I need to prayerfully think about my budget on clothes, shoes, and other things because I can only bring a few as we travel from place to place.


2. Pinterest

I began looking at this site from quite some time to learn new things. I applied one DIY project in my room and it’s a wall décor out of my pictures. I also started looking for DIY crafts that I’ll be making as Christmas gifts for my friends because I’ve decided to do something personal and customized this Christmas instead of buying in the stores. Oh and yes, I finally found a perfect place for my books (although, it’s still quite small to fit all of them!)  I also designed a “By the Book” board where I can write all the things that I’ve learned from God’s Word (this will also serve as a reminder for those who enter my room to think about what God has taught them from that day)– and I designed a specific place in my room to be filled with my FROG collection! 🙂

room_DSC0009 _DSC0013 _DSC0012 _DSC0011 _DSC0005

3. Cute Girl hairstyles

I found this channel in youtube which is basically about doing different hairstyles. It’s amazing that a mom like Mindy who loves to do her daughters’ hairstyles could become famous for her works and eventually generated a source of income for her family—just by doing these cute tutorials. I enjoyed trying it on myself and of course on my little sisters in Christ at church!


1378580_10200674903865202_1598681011_n  1392798_10200674899425091_387973017_n 1415759_10200674899505093_1631415087_n1395273_10200682384332209_33846474_n541775_10200674907185285_1526502766_n

4. Whitening Mask

I’ve always wanted to try this whitening mask and it was worth every cent of my 20 pesos. It was rejuvenating! I also love the packaging! 🙂



1. October 5, 2013 – Violin Recital

First time to perform in front of a large crowd—but God is gracious despite my shaky hands and wobbly feet; I was able to carry through! I played Gavotte, a classical piece. I’m blessed to have Ms. Regine Nunez as my teacher, I couldn’t ask for another violin teacher—she’s patient and very willing to help me excel. I also praise the Lord for my mom who was there to support me! She even treated me to a full body massage after my recital!


2. October 8-11, 2013 – Finals at BJMBC

I can’t believe the end of my first semester at BJMBC is over! It was a blessing, every minute of it! I enjoyed all of my subjects from Separation on Tuesdays to Women of New Testament and Ladies Christian Service on Thursdays to Ladies forum, Biblical Philosophy of Music, Practical Christian Growth and Bible doctrines 1 on Fridays.

3. October 11, 2013 – Shakey’s with roommies

Spent my first semester with these ladies: Jane, Bev and Ruth; they were a blessing!


4. October 13, 2013 – 23rd birthday

At 12 midnight, Amos asked me to finally open his package–and it was full of GREEN, FLUFFY FROGS! That’s very sweet of him to get different kinds of stuffed toys for my birthday.


My cute nephew woke me up with a birthday song from his mom’s phone-and he was singing with it! Cutie patootie!531863_10200674912465417_1925669133_n

I went to church and received a lot of greetings from my brothers and sisters in Christ—I went home for lunch with a surprise from mama! They designed the garage and lolly and ariel bought a cake. I praise the Lord for them.

In the evening service, I gave back all the glory to God by rendering a special number. I wasn’t good in playing compared to others but whatever I have, I give back to God.

1379514_10200674913665447_983795387_n1385961_10200674914345464_441684927_n 644152_10200590069664400_1740256675_n 521727_10200682383372185_107867186_n 12073_10200674925785750_513396046_n

5. October 14, 2013 – Date with Mama at Cabalen

I’ve always wanted to treat my mom on dates—this is the least I can do for everything that she has done for me. Cabalen is an eat-all-you-can buffet located in Alabang Town Center.

cabalen2 cabalen1

6. October 20, 2013 – Youth Fellowship at Kuya Ruffy’s Recording Studio

484788_10200682383692193_419526909_n 1425545_10200682385652242_1991843048_n1383762_10200686784602213_403216332_n

7. October 21, 2013 – Manicure and Pedicure with Lola, Mama and Ate Fely

I went with light and dark green on hands and feet

1380462_10200674922305663_1262747467_n 1381551_10200674906625271_2015701212_n

8. October 22-25, 2013 Fundamental Bible Conference in Metro Manila

After two years, I was able to attend this conference again and it was a blessing- every seminar and preaching was a challenge!

1394812_741796812501245_1338049617_n 1419858_741796805834579_1094609359_n 1376282_741797275834532_1763535330_n1391829_684783254867571_139076100_n

9. October 27, 2013 – Reunited with College buddies

It was a blessing to finally be reunited with my sisters once again! I just love how different personalities (and nationalities) can form a beautiful bond of friendship. It was also funny how our conversations shifted from little artsy bitsy things to marriage and family life. haha I love these girls with my whole heart– and I’m also happy that this group was my first ever Bible study group that I was able to lead! 🙂



This week was supposed to be the busiest week of the month and I was very much excited about it but since Tuesday afternoon– I got sick (up to now) and so I realized God worked it out that none (well except for Amos day) of the planned fellowships will push through. God is all-knowing!


Nevertheless, during Amos’ day I was able to cook lunch (PORK SISIG) and made graham cake for him.

1422884_10200686850923871_296831030_n 1057076_10200686853683940_680000637_n 1378930_10200686851643889_1943391452_n

And, I was able to work on the masks that we’re going to use for the Evangelistic skit on our Church’s anniversary!


A. Sharing the Gospel should be done! No whys, no buts!

This month, I’ve heard of three people (that I know) who died– one from liver cancer, one from a motorcycle accident and one took his own life. I am reminded of a quote from a book I’ve read, “At the moment of death, only the important things surfaces” and I believe when we hear of death as well– we start to think of what we should REALLY PRIORITIZE!


B. Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5)

After so many days of picking a book to read– I finally decided to delve into “The Woman’s Walk with God” by Elizabeth George. It’s a study on the fruits of the spirit and after 3 chapters, I’ve learned a lot already. God’s Love, Sacrifice of Joy and God’s Peace.

This book has help me to meditate on the fruits of the Spirit individually.

1. When I don’t love my enemies– it’s the same as saying I don’t think God’s love is enough for me to give the same love to my enemies.

2. Spiritual joy is not th e same as happiness. Happiness is a result of a profitable circumstance while true, spiritual joy transcends all circumstances because God is the source of our joy.

3. God’s peace does not depend on safe situations– because God gives His peace to us even in the storms of our lives.

1. Mama is now attending Prayer meeting with me! Yay!

2. My birthday- I was reminded of God’s faithfulness for 23 years.

3. 2 of my sunday school students had their assurance of their faith.

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