I had a lot of activities this month: Book fair, Ladies Fellowship, Dorm fellowship, lead a room devotion in the dorm, and a date with my prince! But I also experienced some testings which I won’t tell for privacy reasons– All I can say is that God has been faithful all along even if I’m not! God is gracious and merciful to forgive me for the things that I’ve done wrong!

So here are the things that I’ve learned on SEPTEMBER:
bloggraphics_didyouknow1. Toeberries

This is one of the cheapest slippers brand that you can see in malls and yet they have good quality. Their prices range from 99-199 pesos.  Another thing that I like about Toeberries is the creative styles that they incorporate in their slippers. I bought a new pair this month because my school shoes broke on my way home.


2. Muscles burn fat

Whenever you hear about weight lifting, what’s one thing that comes to your mind? Big, scary bodies right? Just what I thought; we see people, men especially, lift weights to become bulkier but as soon as I found out about Chalean Extreme, I realized I was wrong. “Muscles burn fat” that’s what Chalene Johnson usually say in her videos and that makes sense. The more you build muscles, fat will no longer have a place in your body; thus, it makes you stronger and leaner—and it increases your metabolism too! I started out with a pair of 2 lbs and now, thanks to my brother-in-law, I’m working with a pair of 5-15 lbs. This has made me stronger and sore at times. Haha But a good workout a day gives me more energy. Proverbs 14:23 tells us that there is profit in all HARD WORK! I’m excited for the next few months! 😛

1382060_10200525317925647_1911287337_n 1383854_10200525320045700_1469092185_n


3. Leonardo Da Vinci

Amos and I went to “Da Vinci Museum” in MOA to find out more about this Italian genius. Oh how I love museums! J We had to pay an entrance fee of 200 pesos per head. The place was filled with 64 pieces of Leonardo’s inventions/ideas—some pieces did not really materialized and so they just created miniatures of his ideas from the sketches he drew when he was still alive. There were a lot of new info that I got from the museum and I can’t write all of it here. But here are some of the things that I’ve learned:

  1. Da Vinci is not his last name—Leonardo Da Vinci means Leanardo from the city of Vinci. He was an illegitimate child so he did not have the rights to the last name of his father who happens to be a government official and his mother was just a peasant.
  2. We all know Leonardo because of his exquisite work in painting but I learned that he also created inventions relating to war equipments (according to our tour guide, he was the one who had the idea of a tank, steam cannon, and other war equipments) He also designed the flippers for swimming and the first submarine and life vest, he also created a musical instrument called the twin/double flute. He created theatre equipments too. He designed scientific equipments to test several aspects such as humidity, air, and water level. He also had the idea for flying equipments (which we know did not materialize because the Warner Bros created the first airplane).
Portrait of Leonardo:
He painted this using red chalk and a mirror to see himself!

To think that he did not have any formal training or education and yet he was able to create things! That’s the power of God! If you want to learn more of the things that I’ve learned through this museum, I’ll be posting an album in my facebook account soon. I’ll place the link here too!:)

4. Whitening Bones

If you have a dog at home, here’s one thing that I’ve learned:

Pet Express stores and maybe other animal stores are selling these chewy bones that are meant not just for games or food but also to whiten your dog’s teeth! the price ranges from 30-70 pesos depending on the size of the bone!



September 10: Tita Tess, Harvey and Hannah flew to Canada to be with Tito Jun! It’s a sad time for the family because they’re leaving for good but we’re happy that they’re now together as a family. Praise the Lord for technology such as Skype which helps us to communicate with them every now and then! Since they can’t bring everything with them… SPORTY, their poodle, is now with us! 🙂

1186839_10200427466559424_1052084377_n 1237122_10200427460599275_483844833_n1377629_10200525261564238_687892172_n

September 11: Book Fair pt. 1 with Valerie

Enjoyed our fellowship that day! It’s a blessing to share interests with a sister in Christ! 🙂

1229895_10202189633006318_666351835_n 544538_10202189634606358_1792849703_n1371677_10200525216723117_58045424_n

September 12: BJ Concert

1384775_10200525216803119_1967566811_n 972444_10200525216683116_2005207495_n

September 15: Book Fair pt.2 with LPBC Frontliners


September 19: Room Devotion plus Game night!

Jane led the devotion on Hebrews 12 and I became the games master.:))

1376740_10200525216763118_771528216_n 1368775_10200525216843120_1695578707_n 1305521_10200525216643115_189546489_n 603941_435474986570478_700885022_n

September 22: 1st Ladies Fellowship

It’s a blessing to see another answered prayer! Ate Mey and I decided to combine her College and Young Pro sunday school class and my Highschool girls class to form our 1st ever young ladies fellowship! I’m blessed with all the sessions and the games! Here’s a link to the entire album:


September 27: Joint Fellowship @the dorm

Boodle fight with the ladies! I had fun with the fellowship, food, and games! Dorm life, even if I’m just staying for 1-2 nights per week has been a blessing!

1186737_10200519907390387_1196906196_n 578710_10200520340401212_946030597_n 1382387_10200519952031503_782124519_n 1381255_10200520055674094_1574488472_n 1380129_10200520096395112_1546890834_n 537248_10200520193637543_1068312736_n 563124_10200520285799847_1290103195_n

September 30: MOA date and Da Vinci Museum

7 years and 3 months.. I still love this man! He’s a blessing from God to help me grow and change for the better! I enjoy every time we get the chance to go out and talk about things! And I thank God for someone who likes to learn new things too, it’s like an adventure whenever we’re together! We’re praying for more adventures to come! 😀

996877_10200520901815247_704302287_n 1385035_10200520746891374_392032795_n 1383738_10200520560286709_1617723465_n 1235152_10200520536766121_1903508062_n 1374079_10200520409722945_514189357_n1376537_10200520240678719_1770054059_n 1381964_10200520262639268_402926759_n amosop1


I am meditating on Psalms for most of this month. I didn’t quite like it before but God has spoken through the chapters that I’m reading and that changed my perspective on my devotions. We read and meditate on the Word to know more about GOD, first and foremost, not to jump to the application to ourselves; that’s being self-centered. We read to learn what God wants, what God hates, what His will is for our life. Then we align ourselves to what we’ve read and apply it to our life.

God has been gracious to remind me to surrender the sins that I’m holding back from Him. It’s hard but it should be done to maintain that intimate and sweet relationship that I can get with my God.

Psalms is full of praises to the Lord which is one thing that I haven’t done much: I’ve learned that we should praise the Lord every time! any time! anywhere! There are a lot of things to be thankful for! Psalm 10 says that the wicked does not seek God and God is not in all his thoughts. I am reminded that I should actively be thinking of God! And this is the blessing behind that: the more  I think of Him, the more I dwell on His attributes, the less I will fall into sin!

To be a doer of the word: I’m starting to practice to praise GOD much often now in words, in thoughts, in actions!


1. Papa’s successful eye operation!


2. I was able to update all my missed assignments and quizzes! Whew!

3. Short time of fellowship with Amos!


4. God’s provision for my financial needs up to now! God is faithful!

5. Lola’s recovery!


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