I’m changing the format of my blogs from now on to make it more informative! Divided it into 4 Ds: Did you know, Dates to remember, Doer of the Word, and Dininig na Panalangin( Answered prayer). I hope this becomes a blessing to you!:)


There’s this button beside the pedestrian lane in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig where you can actually demand to be prioritized by the vehicles to cross the street, and they REALLY DO! There are still places in the Philippines where being organized is actually happening.



You may have seen these in airports or other places but my mom and I were able to try these in SM Southmall. You have 3 options: 20 pesos for 6 minutes of whole body massage, 50 pesos for 15 minutes and 100 pesos for 30 minutes. It was truly relaxing and I’m glad my mom enjoyed it too!

IMG_081713_0074 IMG_081713_0078 IMG_081713_0073


We don’t normally buy lemons because for some reason, some may not know how to use it in full capacity. Well, I’ve learned some of its uses this month:


1.)    Squeeze it to make lemon juice and according to research- lemon juice is a good way to start the day because it helps to detoxify all the toxins in your body and helps start your metabolism properly and help you digest your first meal too!

2.)    After squeezing its content in a glass of water, you can use the excess to do your own facial—massage the left over lemon in your face and you are on your way to a healthier skin.

3.)    Natural citrus drink is HEALTHY!



A friend is a gift but a godly friend is a blessing from the Lord. It was great to see Val again after so many months! We had brunch at Banapple and just walked around BGC.

One funny moment was when we bumped into one of her friends at work and asked how did we became friends, Val begin saying, “uhmm, kasi yung boyfriend niya ..uhmm” and then I continued, “boyfriend ko at boyfriend niya magkapatid” Then her friend from work replied, “ahh so future sister-in-laws kayo!” and we just laughed about it!

IMG_2219 IMG_2210 IMG_2218


Maring was a tropical depression that hit the Philippines this month, particularly the South (which includes us) but praise the Lord because we didn’t experience flooding! It was also a blessing in disguise because I was able to stay at home to play with my nephew and stay with my family for a few more days!



Since I have to travel 2 hours to go to Quezon City every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for school, after some counsel and prayer, I decided to stay at the dormitory every Thursday and Friday night and just return home on Saturday morning. ACTUALLY, I didn’t have to because I enjoy travelling even if it’s long and tiring, I really enjoy seeing the city lights at night. Haha.

But, I KNOW I WILL LEARN SO MANY THINGS WHEN I’M IN THE DORM! Some of which will be to live with different types of personalities, budget my money, and COOK( which I’m not really good at now!)

So yeah, I’m living away from home for two nights now!



One of the most-awaited events at our church, the family day! It is when the church will be divided into two teams to compete (friendly competition) in games, FUN RUN, and cheering!  FUN, FUN, FUN!

This year, the teams were RED BULLS and GRAY SHARKS! Haha and everyone enjoyed every minute of it! I personally like this year’s family day because Lolly and her family came as well as Kuya Jonathan and Kuya Roi (My co-workers from the bank) I have been praying that this event will bring them to fellowship with Christians and I believe God worked a miracle!

And yes, after a month of core workout and training at home! I was able to run (faster?) than before! I placed 2nd in the ladies division of 1km race!


e.) LA’s 2nd BIRTHDAY   

My little angel is now 2 years old! I know my first and foremost responsibility as his aunt will be to bring him to the saving knowledge of Christ and I should do it daily—teaching him about Jesus! We had two celebrations: one at home and one at Mcdonalds!

I enjoyed decorating our garage for his first celebration! I just love working with colors!

LA2 _DSC0541 _DSC0660



1. My personal devotion on Ecclesiastes

2. Dr. Berrey’s chapel message

3. Pastor Joel Basilan prayer meeting message

4. My personal devotion on Acts

5. Pastor Castillo’s chapel message

6. Pastor Vince Bacquiller’s chapel message

7. Ladies and Preachers forum (we watched a video about Joni Eareckson Tada- disabled yet she sees it as an advantage that force her everyday to depend on God—and how her testimony brings hope to other people, she says “I cannot walk past a waiter, or a hotel maid, or a flight stewardess without giving them the Gospel! It’s too scary!”


                God cannot be more obvious that He is rebuking of my selfishness! How can I not share the Gospel to others! We cannot be more self-centered if we don’t share the Gospel!

With this burden that God has placed in my heart, I now know that aside for my wallet, phone, face powder, I need a good number of tracts in my bag so that wherever I go, I will be able to give away tracts and I went for two consecutive Fridays (morning) outside the dorm to give out tracts. God has given me BOLDNESS! I AM NOT BOLD! I KNOW THAT! I AM SHY, I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO START A CONVERSATION WITH A STRANGER, BUT IT IS TRUE THAT GOD WILL GUIDE US THROUGH AND GIVE US EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED!

I was able to talk to 3 children namely: Angelica, Alejandro and Aileen Mae! I gave them food and I told them that I’ll be meeting them again next Friday to start a small Bible Study! They agreed! I can’t wait for the next Friday! They even said, “Wala ka ba pag Linggo ate, talagang Biyernes lang?” This made me realize even more that people wants to know the truth! We have to tell them about JESUS!

bibleclub_friday1 bibleclub_friday

It is not enough to dress right before God, it is not enough to study Greek, it is not enough to spend time perfecting a musical piece, God commands us to share His WORD TO THE WORLD, are you doing your part?


1. family day( w/ Lolly’s family, and Kuya roi and Kuya jonathan)

2.  Ma’am Anne’s safe delivery!!

3. Ate Nance’s work! (hired!)

4. God’s provision for my needs! (financial and spiritual)

5. I was able to share the Gospel!

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