June has been a hard month for me because I had to balance my time and energy between going to work at the bank and going to school in Quezon City. (Don’t get me wrong, I already resigned at work but certain things kept me back a little longer—I’ll be officially out by end of July, whew!) Here are the events that took place over the entire month of June.

June 4 –First day at BJ!

Of course, the moment that I’ve been waiting for! I am an official student at Bob Jones Memorial Bible College. I had to leave work at around 3 to make it to my class at 5 p.m. “Separation” by Pastor Abet. Praise the Lord for Amos, he accompanied me to school and even sat beside me through class.


Just like any other ordinary lady, I had some fears too even if this is my prayer for years and my dream. I was thinking if I’d be making new friends at school, are they even friendly? Haha , I think I’m too old compared to my classmates, and will I pass my course or will I waste the opportunity given to me? But I was reminded by my Sunday School lesson on worrying and why it’s not God’s will for us to worry—It is simply because we can call upon God and talk to Him about our every need. This actually makes worry a sin as we’re not trusting God for who He is, right?

The first day ended with chapel and it was a blessing – it was one huge gift from God to me. Excited for the entire year!

I never liked studying until now. haha

Here are some pictures I had taken at school for the month of June:

Vietnamese Classmates
Vietnamese Classmates

Ate Mercy! She’s a blessing!

Ate Mercy

First student fellowship of Chesed


Ever supportive boyfriend– 😀

I usually review for exams on my way to school because I don’t have enough to do it after work.


June 16- Fathers’ Day

Fathers’ Day at church! The young people prepared a short drama for the Fathers entitled, “Ama, Anak, Kapatid” It was an encouragement to see young people use their talents for God and for the fathers at church.

1057248_4953981937552_792676394_n 1059217_4953984937627_380413851_n

And for my own father, there was never a time that we celebrated this day with him because June is part of the 6 months that he is in Austria. But thanks to technology, we always, I mean ALWAYS, send GREETING CARDS over e-mail!

He is a blessing from God. God knows why he is my father—even though he is not a Christian. God still knows. He is able to save anyone and so I am still praying for his salvation for 7 years now. GOD KNOWS. GOD’S WAY IS PERFECT.

24200_1221392665153_7606112_n 27241_1229540708849_6761786_n

June 17- Mama’s Birthday

Yehey! My mama’s birthday, we had it all planned that Lolly and I will treat her to a seafood restaurant along Daang Hari together with some of our relatives BUT … it rained HARD, very hard that it was only the second time that we had flood on our streets.

So we were stranded at home with candles because we also had brown out. But there is still a reason to praise the Lord. We were joking about just having a candlelit dinner since we had no electricity. Haha and thanks to Pastor Jun and his family who were there, at least we had a car that could bring us somewhere close. Then JOLLIBEE it is. Hehe

We enjoyed the fellowship and I told Mama, the gift will be delayed. She has no idea what her gift would be. Hihi

June 23- Youth Fellowship at our house

Youth Fellowship for the month of June was sponsored by us. It was a fun afternoon with games and a challenge from God’s Word by Geno.


IMG_1898IMG_1899 IMG_1906 IMG_1909 IMG_1911 IMG_1912 IMG_1914

June 24- Our 7th Year Anniversary

I would just copy the caption that I made in our Facebook album. Haha

“Amos surprised me by booking a Suncruise dinner for both of us. It was amazing! We had dinner in a boat that toured around Manila Bay.. the city lights were pretty and the moonlight shining on to the calm sea– wow! It was beautiful! I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful guy in my life. The Lord is gracious to keep us together for 7 years..HAPPY and CONTENT!

God be praised for the molding, the testing, the difficulties that Amos and I faced throughout the years– it was intended so that we stay focus on our first and most important relationship, our relationship with God. We had our ups and downs but we still thank God for He remains faithful even if we weren’t.

On our 7th year, we are praying that we grow more in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and that He would set the path for us to follow. Whatever the Lord has in store for us this year, we are praying that He continually gets the glory from our lives.”

IMG_1945 IMG_1936 IMG_1955

June 25- First Student Fellowship at BJ

Fun Fellowship with my student fellowship group, CHESED, it was great to get to know new faces too. After our devotion, we had a short prayer time by partners. I prayed with a Ate Minh, a Vietnamese. It was a blessing to get to know such a humble and godly woman as her.

June 28- Surprise from God!

End of June, God surprised me with something. I had classes from 2-6:50 today and then Chapel. So I had to leave work at 11 am. Before I left, I made my resignation official which means I’ll have my last 30 days on the month of July.

We were expecting a bonus this June, (which was one of the reasons my resignation was delayed), but nothing came until today, an e-mail came out also stating that the bonus will be delayed AGAIN until July. So I decided, I won’t care anymore about the money. I had to make it official so that I will be able to focus on my studies.  (By the way, once resigned, I won’t receive the Bonus anymore)

At around 7 in the evening, I had a missed call from my supervisor and she texted me that there has been a change of plans, they will be crediting the bonus on our accounts tonight.

I didn’t know what to say, God has a peculiar way of giving surprises. Haha!

Another surprise from God was during the Chapel message, Pastor Abet announced that there is a job opportunity at NSM (New Song Ministries) at the ground floor at BJMBC. He said that it is not limited to Music Majors. Yehey! Whatever job the Lord wants me to do! I’ll do it!

Because I was too scared to check the ATM after I got home if I was still included since I already passed my resignation this morning, I checked it the next day.

June 29—Passing of Surprises

It was credited, Praise the Lord!  I came home and told mama we are going somewhere in the afternoon. Amos accompanied us to Western Appliances and we bought Mama a new Full HD 32 inches Flat Screen Television. She was so happy! And I’m happy that I made her happy!

_DSC0345 _DSC0347 _DSC0348 a_DSC0349


Other happenings:


1. Violin 😀


2. Photography 😀 😀 _DSC0330

Prayer Requests for next month:

1. National Hoops Philippines as they leave to start their tournaments on July 7, 2013.

2. Safety for me as I commute alone to Q.C. 😦

3. Finish my resignation requirements !! whew!


5. Physical strength as I finish all my tasks on time.

6. GOING BACK TO BIBLE CLUB! I miss teaching children. :S

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