What to do this March?

To remind myself, here are the things that I would like to achieve this March:

1. Run my first official “fun run” on March 9. Amos and I signed up for 5k on the 2nd Bible Run. I’m super excited and we have been training for it.


2. Watch the 2013 Pyromusical on March 9! Amos, my mom and I will be watching Italy and Netherlands on VIP seats! woohoo! Thanks to Metrodeal for the great deal! It’s going to be awesome for sure! I love fireworks!:)


3. Learn 1-3 dishes this March. I’m going to strive to learn from Mom 1-3 dishes every saturday of March.

4. Lose a couple of pounds this March! I have to be consistent on my jogging routine as well as on my own personal workout at home! Excited for the outcome at the end of the month. Sometimes, it’s very encouraging to start on day 1 and see what has happened on day 31. 🙂IMG_0014[1]

5. Visit some of our relatives in Dasmarina Cavite and Novaliches to share the Gospel to them. My mom has been more than willing to come with me! Very happy that we share a  common burden!

6. FINISH OUR CHURCH YEARBOOK! It has been several months since it should have been produced! Hopefully, we will be able to finish it at the end of March!

7. Find a cheap Crosstitch store that I can buy patterns from. I really want to go back to that after the keychain crosstitch that I made for Amos on his birthday!Crosstitch gift

8. Finish a book! I need to find time in finishing one book this March!

9. I’m gonna go get my “NO COMPLAINT” baller again and start from day 1 with no complaints for a month..which hopefully gets to be a habit after that. 😛

That may be it– but i’ll be adding some more on the way.

Sofie. 😀

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Wife to an amazing husband| Mother of two| Sinner saved by God's Grace

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