FEBRUARY ends today!

2nd month of 2013– DONE!

What have I achieved so far? That was exactly the question that I had to ask myself today.

Amos and I had an agreement that we would read the entire Bible this year. I had a couple of days that I missed it but by God’s grace I was able to catch up. It was a blessing.

We are now reading Numbers and Mark (’cause we’re following a pattern which requires us to read an OT and an NT book)  So yeah, there’s an achievement right there.. which is actually GOD’S GRACE alone!

What have I learned after 2 months?

I’ve learned that HOLINESS is very VERY IMPORTANT TO GOD. And when God tells us to be Holy as He is HOLY! WE OUGHT TO BE STRIVING DAILY, MOMENT BY MOMENT TO BE HOLY! In all aspects: words that we speak, clothes that we wear, places that we go to, people that we mingle with, relationships that we build, thoughts that we think, money that we spend.. and MANY MORE!


God is not pleased when we serve Him and our heart is not right.

God is not pleased when we serve Him in a manner that would lift us up and that WE GET THE GLORY.

God is not pleased when we serve Him not in HIS TERMS and not in HIS WAY.

I’ve learned through the very detailed offerings that God told Moses that the Israelites need to do in Leviticus and Numbers that HE WANTS TO BE SERVED ACCORDING SPECIFICALLY BY WHAT HE SAYS.

I’ve learned at the end of February that what I do in His Name, whether it be singing, teaching, encouraging others, comforting others; wherever I am, at work, at home, at church should be taken SERIOUSLY.

One wrong detail in giving an offering to the Lord, a person can lose his life. That is how SERIOUS God takes service during Moses’ time and He does not change until now.

We should not take God’s service lightly ’cause we are serving a HOLY GOD.

What else did I achieve/learn?

1. I learned to value my family more than ever. Papa went back to Austria last Feb. 16 and it was great to have so many days to spend time with him! Praying that he’ll still be able (health-wise) to come back on December.

2. I learned to SAVE MONEY. I’m saving money for EMERGENCIES and I’m saving money for my WEDDING. (Yup! As early as now!) :))

3. This is not really an achievement until I lose visible weight but I can at least call this a progressive achievement since I find myself pushing to achieve to goal of becoming healthy! JOGGING and home workout daily! yehey! (This just started a week ago so we’ll see.haha)

4. God has opened my eyes to see how scary it is to live and not even feel compassionate about sharing the Gospel to others. Pressing towards the goal of sharing the Gospel to our relatives in Dasmarinas and Novaliches this March.


1. Communicating with people.

I need to talk more and interact more with others. :s

I’m limiting myself to one or two goals for the next month so I would be able to focus on it!;)

In Christ,



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Wife to an amazing husband| Mother of two| Sinner saved by God's Grace

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