Las Pinas Baptist Church at 35 ! (…and counting)

When I talk about my church, I talk about my family. God has given me a huge second family and I am very GRATEFUL for that! There are conflicts, of course, but that’s how a normal family looks like. These trials help us grow to become more mature in the future. I personally love how people in my church loves to LEARN, to practice, to excel for God’s glory. It is a blessing to see new faces every once in a while too and I really am OVERWHELMED to be a member of a GROWING CHURCH.

But, this anniversary was somehow different (in a good way) One obvious reason is that Pastor Terry Spears, missionary founder of my church, came to preach. He came with a crutch to help him walk because he had a broken ankle (as far as I know, it was a broken ankle) That was a huge encouragement for me! It’s never easy to come from the states ALONE with a physical injury, and with his age, it could have been so easy to say NO to our invitation and just stay at home to rest. But he chose to come and minister to us. 🙂 And because of that, I was able to create a poem of thanksgiving to God for this man.

because one man obeyed..
God’s plan was laid
Out in a foreign land
God’s kingdom was to expand

because on God one man trusted..
On His leading, he footed
In a peculiar place, he planted
God’s Word in the hearts of the blinded

because one man loves the Almighty..
The lost souls around him, he cared deeply
For years he stayed to teach
so that more wanderers he could reach

God be praised for this one man
whose desire was to show the world what God can
He can use the life of one ordinary creature
Only, like this man, your life you’ll surrender

God’s way is perfect, His plan is best
and to know about this man, I am blessed
After decades, Las Pinas Baptist Church stayed
bringing souls to the Lord and the solid foundation was laid
because by God’s grace, this one man…obeyed.

After the anniversary, I prayed to God that He would mold me more to become more passionate to the people around who does not know the Lord.


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Wife to an amazing husband| Mother of two| Sinner saved by God's Grace

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