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Since I was a kid, I have dreamt of being a writer and even an author of a book. I would write short stories about fantasy, love and all sorts of themes. But, it was just that.

            When I entered college, I knew two things: I needed to look for something that would generate income, and I needed to finish college to look for a job that I would love. Guess what was the first thing that came through my mind? Yes indeed, writing.

            I searched the Internet and found different types of writing jobs, most of which are home-based, and for most people, if the job is home-based, it could be some sort of scam. But then, I saw and tried to read some reviews about it. Of course, there were those who questioned its integrity but there are several posts that show that it is a genuine company which started last 2007. I applied and got hired!

            Since then, gave me my dream to be called a writer. Isn’t that cool? I am a writer and I get my salary out of it.

            In, the salary is called points; one point= one pesos. Each set of articles that you choose to take has corresponding points which will then be your salary in the end after the articles are reviewed.  The points range between (80-360) depending on the set of articles; if it is a 5 articles set with 500 words each, then it’ll fall in the 300 points set. Get it?

            Another thing that I love about is that I get to meet other writers as well, and yes, I did learn a lot from them. There’s also this group of editors who are ready to give you advice about grammar, punctuation and all that. It was just a fun experience because it is real and exciting. The articles that are posted are seldom boring, it always include something that you would really be excited to write about such as “costumes for children on parties”, “weight loss aids”, “gardening”, “hair loss”, “travelling” and more.

            I am just so happy that I’m not merely working on an online company but I am included in a family, the family.

            This could be the best work I’ve ever had since I can work on my own pace; I work in a bank now and yet I still claim sets of articles once in a while just to add a little more on my income. This is great for everybody, there are no limitations, you just have to apply and pass the initial screening for writers. Oh, how I love that word, writer! J

            I am now a freelance writer, thanks to for making my dream come through. This could be an advertisement to all those who wants to be a writer and get paid for it. Just search in the internet and you’ll come across their official website, apply there and wait for an e-mail to your next exam. HAPPY WRITING EVERY ONE!


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Wife to an amazing husband| Mother of two| Sinner saved by God's Grace

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