An unexpected lesson learned

Around 10:00 p.m., my back leaning on the wall, my laptop on a pillow upon my lap, my mom beside me watching the news, I was busy finishing my nephew’s invitation while talking with Amos, then suddenly something happened…

I felt severe pain in my chest, it was so painful that every inhale I take in just adds to the pain. So, i was having a hard time to breathe, I asked my mom for help and told Amos that I’ll just call him back. I couldn’t speak clearly anymore because even the smallest sound that came out of my mouth made it a lot more painful.

I usually experience this every once in a while. But this was different, it was REALLY PAINFULMy mom raced me to the nearest hospital and at once I was given oxygen. The nurse asked me several questions but I couldn’t give a straight answer and so my mom talked to them outside while I rest in the ER. After several minutes, they told me that I had to undergo ECG to check my heart, so we waited a little longer.

A few more minutes, I heard someone shouting outside the hospital,

kaya mo yan, Tay! wag kang susuko!

My heart beat faster completely losing the pain that I felt awhile ago, I felt scared when a thought came into my mind,,


Someone’s dying!!

Since our rooms were just curtains apart, I saw the body of an old man, his skin was grayish and he wasn’t moving at all, he was brought to the room next to mine. His son, the one who shouted outside, kept shouting for his father’s life.

I saw him as he was escorted outside the room to leave everything to the nurses and doctor. He was short, dark, and he looked like he was drunk from the way he talked. Fear came across his entire face ’cause even if he may not be thinking straight because of alcohol, he sure does know what’s about to happen any moment.


As I was gasping for air, myself, I closed my eyes as I was lying on the hospital bed.

“Lord, save him… this old man may go to hell if he has never known You.” This was my prayer as tears rolled down my eyes.

God was trying to make a point here. He was trying to teach me something out of this situation and

when God teaches a lesson, He teaches it hard and clear

It was not just about my health and what I should change in my lifestyle. I believe, God allowed this severe pain to occur, so that I will be brought to the hospital and so I would behold what death really means… and what it feels like to see someone about to experience death, not knowing where this man’s soul will go after that.


As I am coming into all of these realizations, God, through His infinite grace, took my chest pain little by little away. He made me to focus on what burden He really wants me to carry… and that is to reach souls for Him.

I humbly admit that this was my first time to see a near-death experience.. and I was grateful to be given the chance to behold one. By this experience, my eyes were opened to a world where people come and go, not knowing where they will be after a short life here on earth.

Praise the Lord, the old man lived. and PRAISE THE LORD, my heart was okay.

well, my heart is right now. ALIGNED WITH GOD’S. BURDENED FOR SOULS.

It is true! DEATH IS REAL. I should never again ignore that.


Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father,

and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always,

even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Matthew 28:19-20


Published by littlemisspilgrim

Wife to an amazing husband| Mother of two| Sinner saved by God's Grace

3 thoughts on “An unexpected lesson learned

  1. wow!! sooo encouraging.. yet i know twas really painful.. thats GOd`s way of teaching us lessons and to once again getting our attention and to FOCUS!! thanks sof =) pagaling ka…

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