Overview of my 1 year training program

What are the things that I WILL accomplish at the end of the year:

1.)  Learn how to COOK!

** I was already able to BAKE but needs to practice more recipe

2.)  Master Piano and Violin

** currently taking up private sessions in Piano (slowly progressing) Violin practice will start on Sunday

3.) Read more, write more

** this is to help me master my English vocabulary and learn new words

4.) Excel in photography

** read articles, PRACTICE PRACTICE AND PRACTICE  ( I’ll schedule 1 day a week as Photography day)

5.) Go back to gardening

** restore my garden, plant new flowers and herbs

6.) Practice speaking …with grace

** I need to become more edifying in terms of the words that I’ll be using.


** Need to practice being AHEAD OF TIME. (Especially at church services and ministries)

** the saying says it all. 😛

9.) Invest my money

** I need to budget more and stop using my credit card over unnecessary materials or luxury. (will make a goal chart of my expenses and goals in terms of my money)

10.)  Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

** I’ve got a year to go back in SHAPE!

11.) Less time in Facebook!

** As I’ve seen it, Facebook eats up most of my time and so I’m making a schedule of the time that I’ll be using it.


**  Need to give valuable time in my prayer life. THIS IS ESSENTIAL!

13.) Practice Digital Arts

** Read articles, watch youtube videos about Photoshop and design. This is to enable me to become more efficient in my ministries .


Well, I guess that is the list for now. I might add a few more as time pass by. 🙂




Published by littlemisspilgrim

Wife to an amazing husband| Mother of two| Sinner saved by God's Grace

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