B2B: Back to Blogging

It feels weird as I rest my fingers upon the keyboard and I’m thinking, “what am I suppose to write now?” after years of not exercising this hobby of mine. Then I realize, I think it would be great to start my first blog with the reason behind why I’m going back to writing.

Throughout these adventurous years, I have learned so many things about myself, others and my God. I have failed so many times, falling into temptation; I did have times when I’m discouraged, confused, frustrated, depressed, worried. I was never proud of those times, in fact, I’m not telling a single story about any of those mistakes. (Well, maybe sometimes I’d give a bit to make my blog clearer for some)

Then, during those times, what I normally do  is confess to God (1 John 1:9) pray, read my Bible and then write about it in a journal or my blog (which happened to be in my Multiply account before). That was before, now I stopped writing because of the stress at work, or I just feel tired to think and write. But then I thought to myself the effect of writing it out is helping me cope up and even overcome my issues. (Of course, these are all because of God’s grace)

And so…. tenen! Here I am..about to  type my experiences, blessings, issues, rebukes, challenges, lessons learned, and all that stuff. I know that someday, I’m gonna stop by this site and remember all the things that God made me go through to become the woman that He plans me to be.




Published by littlemisspilgrim

Wife to an amazing husband| Mother of two| Sinner saved by God's Grace

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